Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre


The mission of the D2D CRC is:


Specifically, the CRC will focus on arming Industry with the tools, techniques and workforce to unlock the value of their data in order to make business decisions that will improve their competiveness and productivity in a global economy, hence the title Data to Decisions (D2D).





D2DCRC Overview 

D2DCRC Prospectus 

The D2D CRC will:

  • conduct research and development (R&D) to address the Big Data challenges of Defence and National Security i (including but not limited to intelligence, law enforcement, border security and diplomacy);
  • deliver a skills and training program (particularly postgraduate and postdoctoral) to address immediate skills shortages as well as long term demand for highly skilled analysts;
  • through a small-to-medium enterprises (SME) engagement plan translate lessons from D2D CRC activities, as well as those of its partner organisations, to inform future policy and best practice in Big Data management; and
  • through the D2D CRC’s R&D utilisation plan focus on direct intellectual property commercialisation via its industry participants into end-user industries as well as adjacent industries (e.g. manufacturing, mining and utilities). The adjacent sectors will also gain benefit by leveraging the policy, best practice and workforce development outputs from the CRC to enable the better use of data within these sectors.

Why Big Data?

Many sectors are facing great opportunities and challenges from an increasing deluge of data; resources, health and manufacturing to name a few. Australia’s Defence and National Security sector however, faces the most imminent and complex Big Data challenges. The Defence and National Security community is often faced with a daunting challenge: to seek the proverbial needle in the haystack. They attempt to find connections in vast, disparate volumes of data that are imperceptible to humans, but which can be discovered with smart analytics and machine enablement. This challenge is made greater by the wide variety of data sources, and the ever increasing size and scale of the data that is being collected by Defence and National Security agencies.

The D2D CRC will bring together world-class capabilities and establish a research collaboration framework across academia, industry and Government to collectively tackle Defence and National Security Big Data challenges and grow Australia’s broader capacity for data innovation.

Australia’s Big Data challenges are not just technical problems. The D2D CRC will align its R&D efforts with an education and training program designed to develop the existing workforce through customised training and grow the emerging workforce through research education. The end-user emphasis of the D2D CRC will impart a practical and commercial emphasis on the emerging data workforce with an understanding of the broader policy implications of Big Data exploitation and best practice principles.

Contact details:

For general enquiries, please contact DSIC:

Phone: +61 8 8302 8978

Fax: +61 8 8359 1981

email: info at d2dcrc.com.au

i National Security is concerned with the prevention of, preparation for and response to threats to Australia’s sovereignty, people, assets, infrastructure and institutions. The D2D CRC will specifically be focussing on the Big Data capabilities required by defence, intelligence, law enforcement and border security departments and agencies in fulfilling their national security role. In addition, the D2D CRC will also focus on the unique requirements of Defence in undertaking Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance activities in support of ADF operations.